b u d g e t f r i e n d l y f i n d s .

It can be very easy, at this time of year, to go a little overboard and suddenly realise that you’ve blown your winter budget. We get so caught up in the adverts coxing us into showing our love through gifting that it becomes nearly impossible to pull ourselves away from our keyboards or local high-street.

For this very reason I wanted to pull together a little list of my favourite websites for gifts with a smaller price tag, and ideas, which can be found via the high-street.

O N L I N E :

I use all of these websites religiously ever year. Prezzy and FireBox are great for novelty gifts and secret Santa. They have a great selection of smaller, quirky presents perfect for people you don’t know very well or simply aren’t sure what to buy for.

I came across ‘I want on of those’ this year and have recommended it countless times already. Here you can find the perfect stocking stuffers and neat gadgets to suit every kind of person. From astronaut food to StarWars shot glasses it has it all.

Getting personal is the hub of personalised presents. You can have your name or someone else’s put on just about everything. It makes every gift more thoughtful and at a price that doesn’t break the bank!


Although at this time of year the world of retail and e-commerce makes a great deal of money it’s always good, when you can, to return to the high-street and support your local stores. Good ways of doing this is keeping creative at Christmas:

  • ‘Reasons why’ Jars: this simple idea comes at very little cost but the thought goes an extremely long way. You can find everything you need in any town or city centre. Go on the hunt for the perfect mason jar, colourful car/paper and any other decorations you may want.
  • Open when’ letters: these, like the jars, are incredibly inexpensive and can last all year if you want them too. They are easily tailored to any friend/family member and uses much more time than money but the final product is so worth it.
  • Mini Bar cart: these are a little more expensive if you are looking for small bottles of liqueur however over all cost considerably less than alternatives. You can find most alcoholic mini’s in local superstores or even shops such as boots at this time of year. Then all you need is their favourite mixer, a jar to put it in and you’re set!
  • Cosy Night in: for those who don’t like drinking, you can use a similar concept but with a cute mug, some fluffy socks, a sachet of hot chocolate and a snack. The perfect gift for the winter season.

There are so many, thoughtful, gift alternatives perfect for everyone. So try not to fall into the pressure of having to spend large amounts of money to show your love or appreciation.

This time of year is for spending time together, not money.


Published by Bethany Sarah

20, Media and Communications Student I am working to build a creative portfolio and create a space to share my minds endless wonderings.

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